Genealogy, Letters & Stories

Mims HomeWithin the boundaries of this website are some of the lineages, stories, facts, and theories of who we are, and the ancestors from whom we are descended. As with rippling waves - the further out the waves move, the harder they are to clearly define. Unlike waves, this website starts closer to the present and moves backward through time with ever-doubling numbers of those who have preceded us - known and unknown.

In my research (and that of countless others who have helped by researching their own families), I have noticed more and more that various branches of our direct ancestors (and their many cousins) have crossed paths through marriages more times than many of us realize. This research has, at times, been overwhelming. Occasionally, in following the research of others on the internet genealogical community, I have felt rather like Alice who fell down a rabbit hole, or as if I have fallen into a “worm hole” (time rather than space). I follow one side of the family to a dead end in the past to come back toward the future only to go backward in time through another spouse’s ancestors. It’s time-consuming, but very rewarding. There is NO WAY that one person could prove the names and dates of every single person listed within their personal genealogy files. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. 

With that in mind, remember that I am NOT a professional genealogist. I am doing this as a first step (or two or three) for those in the family who come after us. Part of the plan is to pass along family stories (folk lore) that we have heard from our parents and grandparents, so that our children and grandchildren will have those stories to read and to which they can add their own stories.

If you who visit this site have corrections or additions to ANY information here, OR if you have a family story (or stories) that has (have) been passed down in your family... PLEASE send me an email with the corrections/additions/stories, and I will update the site.

Much of the information for the 1800's through the present are accurate - as long as you stick with the branches directly related to my branch of the families. If you have questions as to my sources for specific data, send me an email with your question(s).

Remember that as the circles of waves become wider and less clear, take the data “with a grain of salt” as an interesting story of those who may actually be our ancestors - or not! We may be related to kings and queens in distant lands in the far distant past, but it may be through some connection other than what is listed in these “pages”.

Have fun reading of people and times past!