Samuel Eleaser Bishop & Rebecca Jane Brandon


Bishop Family in South Carolina

Look on the "Bishop-Cummings" page in this website for the family story of the Bishop family in Horry, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. As mentioned elsewhere - if you have any corrections or additions to make to the information herein listed, please send me an email with the necessary information.

Brandon/Branton family in North Carolina and South Carolina

The Brandon surname is sometimes spelled Branton. One sibling may have spelled it one way and another sibling spelled it the other. As with other surnames, whichever spelling variation of the name a son used for himself, his descendants were likely to stick with that spelling. Different spellings within the branches of the same family are more common when the children married and moved their families to different areas or states in search of a better life in a newly developing part of the frontier.

The Brandon/Branton family/families seemed to move from Virginia to North Carolina. Like many other early settlers, they then moved to South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, etc.

For the purposes of this website, the family name will be spelled "Brandon" until more is known about this particular branch of the Brandon/Branton family.

Samuel Eleaser Bishop & Rebecca Jane Brandon

Samuel Eleaser Bishop, the son of Stephen Coleman Bishop Sr. and Mary Smart, was born on Wednesday, February 2, 1831 in Bethera, Berkeley County, SC. He died on Monday, September 30, 1895.

Rebecca Jane Brandon (called Jane) was born in 1841 or 1842 in either South Carolina or North Carolina. Her parents might have been James H. and Ann Branton (Brandon) of North Carolina. According to one record about James H. Branton (Brandon), he died in Horry County some time after 1860. There seems to be no other information available at this time about any other Brandon's (or Branton's) in Horry County during that time period. Jane Brandon died on Sunday, April 23, 1899.

The family of Samuel Eleaser Bishop & Rebecca Jane Brandon

Samuel Bishop and Jane Brandon married on October 8, 1859 and had thirteen (13) children:

  1. Joseph Matherian Bishop (1860-1914)
  2. Somers (or Summers) Bishop (1862-1870)
  3. Thomas Coleman Bishop (1864-1925)
  4. Gemima Bishop (1866 - sometime before 1880)
  5. Emily "Emma" Bishop (1867-1946)
  6. Samuel Asbury Bishop (1869-1924)
  7. Catherine Enolia "Kate" Bishop (1872-1927)
  8. Martha Jane Bishop (1874-1973)
  9. Laura Dulcena Bishop (1877-1931)
  10. James Olin (or Olney) Bishop (1879-1880)
  11. Anne Lucy Bishop (1881 - ? )
  12. Marion Bishop (1884-1889)
  13. Jamy Olin Bishop (1886-1895)

For more information on Bishop ancestors and descendants of the children of Samuel Eleaser Bishop and Rebecca Jane Brandon, check out the following website:

Ronda has many other branches of the Bishop family besides the main one listed. If you email her and tell her which one of the ancestors is your (however-many-greats) grand parent, she may be able to help you with other information that she has collected over the years.