Thomas W. Boatright & Elizabeth Anne Foxworth


Boatright Families in South Carolina

The only thing known about the Boatright family of Marion County is that Thomas W. Boatright was among several Boatright families in Marion County at that time. For more information on early settlers in Marion County, go to the South Carolina Genealogy & History Website

Other counties in South Carolina are also available from their home page.

There seem to be a number of Boatright families that were in South Carolina during the early 1800's, some around Colleton and Chesterfield Counties, and at least one around Marion District/County. It's more likely that the Boatright family of Marion County is related to the ones in Chesterfield than Colleton County as Chesterfield County is only one county away from Marion County.

The 1790 South Carolina census (quoted several places) listed Jacob Boatright, Anthony Boatright, and William Boatright. There is a record of a Mary and Lewis Boatright listed in the estate of Thomas Boatright Jr. of Catfish Creek in Marion District - in 1803. Theoretically it is possible that Lewis or another son of Thomas Boatright Jr. was the father of Thomas W. Boatright (born 1817) who married Elizabeth Foxworth. It's a logical theory, but there's no evidence linking one with the other except the locality. Anyone out there have any information on the parents and siblings of Thomas W. Boatright?

Like many families in this website, the Boatright path of migration appears to be from the Old World to Virginia to North Carolina to South Carolina - and beyond.

Thomas W. Boatright & Elizabeth Anne Foxworth

Thomas W. Boatright was born in 1817 in Wahee, Marion County, SC. He died sometime after 1870.

Elizabeth Anne Foxworth, the daughter of Henry Foxworth and Elizabeth White, was born in 1830 in Marion County, SC. She died in 1896.

The family of Thomas W. Boatright & Elizabeth Anne Foxworth

Thomas W. Boatright and Elizabeth Anne Foxworth married in about 1847 in Marion County, SC.

According to W. W. Sellers' "History of Marion County", Thomas and Elizabeth Anne had only two (2) children, both daughters. He mentions Ella and Laura. On some internet records, they are listed as having five (5) children - Martha Boatright (born 1849), John Boatright (born August 1850), Josephine Boatright (born 1851), Ella Boatright (born 1853), and Laura J. Boatright (born 1855). However Sellers states in his book that there are/were other Boatright's in Marion County. If you have any information about the Boatright family in Marion County, please let me know. If you are a descendant of Martha, John, Laura, or Josephine Boatright, I would love to hear from you. Until I find out otherwise, I will assume that they had five children and the three oldest had married and moved elsewhere by the time Sellers researched the Boatright family for his book.

Thomas W. and Elizabeth Anne Foxworth Boatright had five (5) children:

  1. Martha Boatright (1849 - ? )
  2. John Boatright (1850 - ? )
  3. Josephine Boatright (1851 - ?)
  4. Ella Boatright (1853-1938)
  5. Laura J. Boatright (1855- ?)