Lewis Rush Cummings & Martha Ann Moorer


Cummings Family in Colleton & Dorchester Counties, SC

Any information about the Cummings family in Colleton and Dorchester counties of South Carolina - and how they came to settle there - would be greatly appreciated. Family stories are welcome.

Lewis Rush Cummings & Martha Ann Moorer

Lewis Rush Cummings, the son of William "Billy" Cummings and Louisa Jane Rigs, was born on Tuesday, April 10, 1832 in Colleton County, SC. He died on Wednesday, October 1, 1919 in Dorchester County, SC.

Martha Ann Moorer, the daughter of John Reddick Moorer III and Elizabeth West, was born on Thursday, December 20, 1832. She died in 1872.

The Cummings were wheelwrights

The 1880 Federal Census on the internet includes the following family unit -

William Cummings (born 1804), a wheelwright married to Louisa (born 1806). Their son Louis/Lewis (listed as born in 1835) was also a wheelwright. Lewis Cummings had a daughter Ella (listed as born in 1860). Their home is listed as "Burns, Colleton, SC". Occasionally census records of dates are listed a year or two off from the dates listed in the cemetery where they're buried. Although there is no family story of Lewis and his father William being wheelwrights, the 1880 census records point to it as a probability. Lewis and Martha's son John William was a wheelwright, a farmer, and a blacksmith.

The family of Lewis Rush Cummings & Martha Ann Moorer

Lewis Rush Cummings and Martha Ann Moorer were married in 1852 in SC. They had five (5) children:

  1. John William "Bill" Cummings (1855-1926)
  2. Emma Cummings (1857 - ?)
  3. Ella Martha Cummings (1859-1943)
  4. Arthur Bragg Cummings (1867-1942)
  5. Julia Cummings (1869 - ?)

Lewis Rush Cummings' second marriage

In 1873 Lewis Rush Cummings married a Martha Owens. Nothing is known about her except that she died before 1877.

Lewis Rush Cummings' third marriage

Lewis Rush Cummings married Rosa V. Cummings on December 27, 1877. Nothing is known about Rosa. Whether her maiden name was Cummings or a name beginning with "V" is unknown at this time. According to one record she had a daughter named Stella. Does anyone know anything about this marriage?

Lewis Rush Cummings' death

According to a family story, Lewis Rush Cummings died in an accident while working for the railroad.