Lt. Thomas Harry Mims Sr. & Adaline Egeria Way


Lieutenant Thomas Harry Mims Sr. and his parents

Thomas Harry Mims Sr., son of James Calhoun Mims and Rebecca (maiden name unknown), was born on Wednesday, July 21, 1830 in The Bend of Four-Holes Swamp, Dorchester County, SC. He fought in the War Between the States with the rank of Lieutenant. He died on Sunday, June 4, 1905 in Dorchester County, SC.

Adaline Egeria Way

Adaline Egeria Way, the daughter of Andrew David Way and Elizabeth "Leila" Brownlee, was born on Thursday, July 1, 1830 in St. George's Parish, Colleton District - what is now Dorchester County, SC. She died on Friday, August 11, 1899 in The Bend of Four-Hole Swamp, Dorchester County, SC.

Thomas Harry Mims' First Marriage

Thomas Mims' first marriage was to someone named Rebecca. Her maiden name is unknown. She was born in 1832 and died in 1856. At this time I don't know if they had any children before she died, or if she died in childbirth, or...

Marriage and Family of Thomas Harry Mims and Adaline Egeria Way

Lt. Thomas Harry Mims and Adaline Egeria Way married sometime between 1857 and 1858. They had four (4) children.

  1. Cyrus Mims (1859-1923)
  2. Thomas Harry Mims Jr. (1864-1897)
  3. Laura Mims (1866-1897)
  4. Emily "Emma" Mims (1868-1957)