Samuel Riggs Jr.
& Elizabeth Lamon

abt 1724-1799

(No sources available at this time)

Ancestors from this time backward

From this generation backwards in time, the data on our branch of this family may be documented with others on the internet, but it will be impossible to trace down the sources for each and every ancestor. Take everything with a grain of salt. But they might INDEED be our ancestors. Until proven otherwise, I will merely state at the top of each page "no sources available at this time" and document the particular family within the page as the data (logical) for this family. "These were their parents. These were their siblings. These were their dates." If you know otherwise (with sources), send me an email and I will correct the information.

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Riggs family - from England/Scotland/Ireland to North Carolina

Various branches of the Riggs family throughout the United States of America have their original immigrant Riggs family member coming from either England, Scotland, or Ireland. Our branch of the Riggs family has not been connected YET with any of these branches, but the most likely branch landed in Virginia and later moved to Pasquotank County, North Carolina where numerous descendants still live. Our branch later moved to the LowCountry of South Carolina - what is now Charleston and Dorchester Counties.

Samuel Riggs Jr. and Elizabeth Lamon

Samuel Riggs Jr., the son of Samuel Riggs Sr. and Elizabeth Beaird, was born sometime between 1724 and 1738 (sources differ) and died on October 28, 1799 in St. George Parish, Dorchester County (sometimes listed as Charleston District), South Carolina.

Elizabeth Lamon, the daughter of Francis Lamon and Elizabeth Johnston, was born in 1740 in either Georgia or South Carolina, and died on January 18, 1796. Her father was born in Georgia. She might have been born in Georgia or her parents might have moved to South Carolina before she was born.

The family of Samuel Riggs Jr. and Elizabeth Lamon

The date of the marriage of Samuel Riggs Jr. and Elizabeth Lamon is unknown at this time. The only information so far regarding their children ("issue" as offspring were legally called in those days) is that of their son listed below.

  1. William Riggs Sr. (1759-1818)