September 22, 1919 (Atlanta) -

The Car - a Jordan Blue Boy


Large Crowds Attracted by Globe-Circling Jordan Car[1926]

Mrs. Nell Wanderwell, her car, and party of friends who have just completed 211, 675 miles of a world-girdling journey, have attracted a great deal of attention and admiration in Michigan City. They are riding in a Jordan motor car and were greeted here by A. C . Reicher, Jordan distributor, and making their headquarters at the Jordan salesroom, corner Michigan and Franklin streets.

The group in the Wanderwell car here is known as Unit No. 1, and another car is piloted by Mrs. Wanderwell's husband, Captain Wanderwell, now in the west, and they are planning a world endurance test. Both cars left Atlanta September 22, 1919. Educational motion pictures are taken in every country.
Has Extra Tanks
Mrs. Wanderwell's car is equipped with a specially constructed body of her own design, with extra gasoline, water and oil tanks for desert countries.

Autographs of famous men are among the souvenirs they cherish including those of Charles Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Marshal Foch, Warren G. Harding and many other notables from all over the world.

Souvenir collecting is one of the pastimes of this unique troop, and their car bears tokens from every part of the globe. They possess the insignia of 150 automobile clubs and carry 15 sets of license plates.

Famed Globe Trotter

Mrs. Nell Wanderwell, the youthful feminine pilot of this expedition, wears knickers, fashioned into a charming costume with fresh white blouses and a leather jacket. Mrs. Wanderwell has just wound up six years and nine months of her tour that will consume nearly eight years.

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...probably one of the most... the globe trotters. With... Wanderwell are: Ralph Smith, photographer; Chris Harbour, secretary; and Tom Harrison, mechanic. They are going to... and will be there on... returning to Michigan... day. ... equipped with an... and they have visited... station.


The St. Paul Daily News
[caption under picture]

These motor nomads have driven 213,000 miles since 1919. They are,
left to right, Ralph Smith, Miss Chris Harbour and Miss Nell Wanderwell.

Guarding Members Against Wiles of Cupid,
Problem of Around World Tourists, Says Leader

Keeping members of the party from marriage has been the major problem of the Wanderwell tourists who reached the 213,000th mile of their world travels in St. Paul.

"We want a man between 24 and 45 years old," Nell Wanderwell, director of the group, said today after Tom Harrison, mechanician, bade them farewell at La Crosse, Wis., Wednesday to hasten to his wedding in Chicago.

There are thousands of miles of travel in store for the fan who wants to see the world, Miss Wanderwell declared, at the St. Francis Hotel.

Fourth To "Fall"

Mr. Harrison was the fourth matrimonial casualty since the Wanderwell car whisked out of Atlanta, Ga. on the world jaunt seven years ago. One man and two girls were lost to Cupid, Miss Wanderwell said.

India is the next objective of the tourists, with 213,000 miles already behind them on every continent of the earth. After India, will come South Africa. Wherever a car can be driven the Wanderwell "bus" goes.

Miss Wanderwell gathers information for a geographical book as she journeys, and takes movie films for educational purposes.

Labels Show Travels

"Around the World" is inscribed on the body of the automobile in a dozen languages, and insignia of various kinds give evidence of the extent of the party's wanderings. On the hood are the signatures and names in printed letters of scores of notables and cities throughout the world. Among figures who have their names on the machine are the late Francisco Villa, Mexican rebel leader; Ben Turpin, Charles Chaplin, Gen. John J. Pershing, Pres. Harding and many others.

From St. Paul Miss Wanderwell and her companions Ralph Smith, photographer, and Miss Chris Harbour, secretary, will motor to the iron range of Minnesota.

Around the World Travelers Here

[caption under picture]

These world-famous tourists have traveled 213,050 miles in the Jordan pictured above since Sept. 22, 1919, in a race with a car piloted by Captain Wanderwell, husband of the pilot of the car now in Madison. Pictured with the car are Nell Wanderwell, pilot; Ralph Smith, photographer; Chris Harbour, secretary; and Tom Harrison, mechanic.

"Around the World" Tourists Stop Here
Nell Wanderwell Staging Endurance Race With Husband;
Jordan Car Has Covered 213,050 Miles

Nell Wanderwell, pilot of a Jordan car which is pitted against a car driven by her husband, in an endurance race around the world and back again, arrived in Madison Tuesday with her party. She will remain here the rest of the week, while motion pictures taken on the trip are being shown at the Parkway theater.

213,050 miles had been covered by the party when they arrived in Madison, all with the same car, equipped with a special body. The race started in Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 22, 1919. The car piloted by Captain Wanderwell is now in the west. Each crew must earn their way.

Included in Mrs. Wanderwell's party are Ralph Smith, photographer; Chris Harbour, secretary; and Tom Harrison, mechanic.

The car bears the autographs of Warren G. Harding, Gen. John J. Pershing, Charlie Chaplin, Marshall Foch, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Francisco Villa, William Jennings Bryan, Major Franklin and other notables.

The adventurers explain that the main reason for their trip is the taking of educational motion pictures of the places of interest. The car is equipped with a specially constructed body of their own design. The car with equipment is a complete camping outfit, and tips the scales at 5,000 pounds. They carry an extension for their axles, and in countrysides where there are no roads, they take off the tires and run on the railroad track. They claim their car is the first to travel from Central America on its own power.

Tales of remote places, in Japan, Cuba, Coyote, the Yukon, Mexico and the rest of the world are part of their lore. They were stranded in the Sonora desert of Old Mexico 52 miles from water, where the sand was so dry that it dried up the spokes of the wooden wheels which they used at that time, and the friction set them afire.


You have seen this remarkable automobile on the streets of Council Bluffs the past few days. Of course, you must have noticed that it was a Jordan.

214,935 Miles in Seven Years

Nell Wanderwell and her three traveling companions are in Council Bluffs on their tour of the world.. From here they will leave for St. Louis and thence gliding along, mile after mile, in their faithful Jordan. Up to this point they have been on the road seven years and have covered 214, 935 miles.

Is the Jordan Dependable? Well, these world travelers say they wouldn't attempt a trip of the globe with any other car!
Come in and we will tell you
more about the Jordan

Marmon-Jordan Co.
113 West Broadway Phone 198.

Motor 216,000 Miles in Jordan

St. Louis Post Dispatch
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The Wanderwell party of the world travelers and the Jordan car in which they have driven 216,000 miles in this and a dozen other countries. Left to right, Tom Harrison, mechanician for the party; Nell Wanderwell; Ralph Smith, photographer, and Chris Harbour, secretary. They were in St. Louis the past week, and visited the MacCarthy-Archer Motor Co., Jordan distributer.

Noted Woman Tourist Has Driven 216,630 Miles Since 1919

St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat
Sunday Morning, September 18, 1926

Nell Wanderwell, a noted motor tourist, who has motored 216,630 miles since September 22, 1919, in tours around the world, visiting all countries, spent last week in St. Louis with her party in the car in which these tours were made. The car is a Jordan Blue Boy with a body designed by Nell Wanderwell, including a khaki top of unique design covering the baggage at the rear as well as the passenger compartments. The sides of the car are covered with automobile club emblems and with signatures of prominent persons. It has a fifty-four-gallon gasoline tank and similar tanks for oil and other supplies. In the photograph of the car and party above the persons are, left to right, Tom Harrison, mechanician; Nell Wanderwell, pilot; Ralph Smith, photographer, and Christine Harbour, secretary.

The party on its tours takes educational motion pictures of places of interest, which are shown in movie theaters in the cities traversed. It came to St. Louis from Minneapolis and will depart early this week for Kansas City. It is making its headquarters at Hotel Jefferson during its stay in St. Louis. A visit was paid by the party last week to the Jordan distributor in St. Louis, the MacCarthy-Archer Automobile Company, at Euclid Avenue and Westminster Place. Nell Wanderwell reports an extraordinary improvement in roads since her touring started seven years ago, making the call for picks, spades, tow ropes, etc., which the car carries, almost negligible.


Joplin News Herald
Saturday, October 2, 1926

Nell Wanderwell and her party of world travelers, who are engaged in a tour which will eventually reach every corner of the world and which has already occupied nearly eight years, arrived in Joplin this morning for a short stay.

The party has been received by notables in nearly every country and has undergone many stirring adventures. The special motor car in which they travel is equipped with auxillary railway wheels and many other devices for travelling in almost inaccessible lands.

The party is composed of Miss Wanderwell, Ralph Smith, photographer, and Tom Harrison, mechanician. Until recently Miss Chris Harbour, Miss Wanderwell's secretary, was with the party.


Nell Wanderwell and Party Cover 220,000 Miles in Auto

A weather beaten Jordan car, of unusual design, is in the city today. It is the car in which Nell Wanderwell and party have been around the world. There are only two places they have not visited in the trusty car, India and Southern Africa, but they have no intention of passing them up. At present the mileage is over 220,000 miles.

The party consists of Miss Wanderwell, pilot, originally from San Francisco, but who now claims the world as her home. She thinks there is a bit of gypsy blood in the best of us, and immediately after the war she was attacked by the wanderlust and started her trip in Atlanta., September 22, 1919, to run indefinitely. The other members are: Ralph Smith, photographer, and Tom Harrison, mechanic. Mr. Smith is from Miami, Fla., and Mr. Harrison hails from Juneau, Alaska. There have been other young ladies and young men, but the Jordan is something of a "cupid's car" and six people, four girls and two men, have been lost in this way.

The object of the trip is not advertising, but the taking of educational motion pictures of all the places of interest, and these have been shown from one end of the world to the other. The hood of the car bears the autographs of the biggest people in the world, among them being those of the late President Harding, William Jennings Bryan, Francisco Villa, and a number of the movie stars. Each has an interesting thing to say of this unusual trip to unusual places.

Miss Wanderwell and her party arrived last night from Memphis and leave tonight for New Orleans, but their final destination she cannot say. She is still following the call of her gypsy blood.

She's Leading Globe Trotters Stopping Here

Nell Wanderwell and her party which is touring the world by auto is stopping in Madison for a few days, appearing at the Parkway theater. They close their engagement there tonight. The party has now visited every country in the world except parts of Africa and India. They are touring the globe taking educational motion pictures.

Today the Parkway opens with a unique offering. Nell Wanderwell, the internationally famous world's tourist with her party of four will be on the Parkway stage to give one of the most interesting travelogues ever heard in Madison. The Wanderwell's are now in an endurance race in circling the globe in an endeavour to pile up more mileage than the No. 2 car of their unit. To date, Nell Wanderwell has driven over 250,000 miles and have a comfortable lead over unit No. 2 which is piloted by Captain Wanderwell who is now in the west.

Nell Wanderwell has driven her car through the Gobi desert and far out across the sand wastes of the Sahara. Up in the Yukon, the wanderers have been snowed in for days and on the great Sonora desert, they faced death by thirst when their trusted car broke down many miles from the nearest hut.

Nell Wanderwell has taken moving pictures of their entire tour and is offering the most interesting fifteen minutes you have ever spent in your lives.

Nell Wanderwell Here; Yes, She's Still Wandering

Bakersfield, California

Nell Wanderwell and her party of globe trotters arrived in Bakersfield last night, after almost eight years of wandering, during which time she and her group have covered more than 300,000 miles by automobile and have visited 39 foreign countries.

Their machine, a special-built, torpedo-shaped 5000-pound vehicle, has seen five different motors during the course of its eight years of travel. Monograms of dozens of world-famous men from



The Sunday Oregonian
May 14, 1927

Nell Wanderwell, well known automobile traveler, her party,
and the specially constructed Auburn Eight
in which they are now touring the United States

Over seven years on the open road, during which time they have traveled in excess of 350,000 miles, is the record of the Wanderwell round-the-world travelers pictured above. Their travels have taken them through every state in the union and practically every foreign country in the world. Since their arrival on the coast a few weeks ago they have used General gasoline and Parabase motor oil exclusively, and claim to have obtained better mileage from these products than from any products they have used throughout their travels. Their car, an Auburn Eight, has stood the severest tests possible. After spending a few days in and around Portland, the party will travel north to British Columbia and thence east to the Atlantic seaboard.

Famous Travelers Here

Daily Washingtonian
Hoquiam, Wash
Thursday morning, May 19, 1927

Nell Wanderwell, pilot, and her company of world famous travelers, are paying Hoquiam and the Harbor country a visit this week.

The Wanderwells have traveled 300,000 miles, visiting 39 countries, including India and South Africa. The open car in which they travel had penetrated wherever a car could be driven with the object of securing educational pictures of the country through which they pass.

Many famous men have autographed the hood of the car which is covered with labels and tags from the various countries visited. Included in the party are Ralph Smith, photographer; Bill McNiven, secretary; Tom Harrison, mechanician, and Miss Wanderwell.


Nell Wanderwell and her world travelers, including her specially constructed automobile that has carried them 362,680 miles in 39 different countries during the past eight years, are in Astoria today enroute to Vancouver, B.C., where they will ship to Australia.

The automobile with its unique body, has attracted much attention on the streets today. It is literally covered with emblems picked up all over the world and with autographs of famous people, all of which have been varnished in. Among the signatures noted were those of President Harding, General Pershing, President Obregon and Pancho Villa of Mexico, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Anna Q. Nillson and other motion picture celebrities. French, Japanese, English and other foreign emblems and signatures are interspersed among the American ones.

Nell Wanderwell and her party which includes Ralph Smith, photographer, Bill M'Niven, secretary and, Tom Harrison, mechanician, have been touring the world ever since September 22, 1919 when they left Atlanta, Georgia. After visiting most of the states of the union they toured Alaska, Hawaiian Islands, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, and Cuba before sailing for Europe where they traveled through the British Isles, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, China and Japan. They have also been in parts of Africa but have Australia and India yet to visit before their trip is complete.

The main idea of their travels is to take educational moving pictures and these they exhibit as they travel. Miss Wanderwell appears with the pictures and lectures upon her travels. They are being shown today only at the Liberty Theatre.


An automobile, literally covered with autographs, emblems of various sorts and other inscriptions, attracted a throng of people at H and Heron streets last night. The machine was one of the "Wanderwells", and has traveled 368,000 miles in the last eight years, and is now using its second motor in the original chassis.

The pilot, Nell Wanderwell, a comely young woman wearing a shipcord suit and an aviation hat, showed autographs of President Harding, General Pershing, Charles Chaplain, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and a host of other celebrities on the machine.

The group, she stated, travels about taking educational motion pictures and while here will take some pictures of the lumbering industry.

The car traveled from New Orleans to London on a tramp steamer, Miss Wanderwell said. Miss Wanderwell was taken with the idea of placing the car aboard the Fort Laramie, a six-masted windjammer now loading here for Australia, and may make the attempt.

The company, besides Miss Wanderwell, includes Tom Harrison, mechanician; Ralph Smith, photographer; and William McNevin, secretary.


Several Varieties Are Killed in 4-Day Hunt in Oregon

Probably the best bag of geese ever brought to Tacoma - the equal of any, at least - is that represented in the kill of Dave Bales, Clarence "A" Cooper and Ralph Smith, local nimrods.

Chinese, grey, white breasts, snow, Hutchison, "Specs" and Brant were included in the bag, as nice a variety as one could wish. The hunting was done in southern Oregon.

"Shooting conditions were ideal and the geese came in vast numbers." said Bales. "Never in my hunting career have I experienced greater nor more successful sport."

And the variety and size of the birds, all grain fed, upheld his statement.

"Wild Geese," Says Dave Bales, "Are Very Smart,
But Not as Smart as Man With 12-Gauge Shotgun"

Dave Bales and Al Cooper, Tacoma sportsmen, returned recently from a four days' wild goose hunt in northern California. Success? Plenty and how! Look at the men with their birds and see Peggy, Bales' Irish Spaniel, bringing in a big snow goose. It was all Peggy could do. Bales is at the right and Cooper at the left.

Bales says the geese are unusually smart, that it was interesting to watch them send out their advance guards. First would come a single, winging around and spying. Then he'd light. Some 50 advance guards came and lit. The hunters, hidden in the corner of a grain field, did not shoot. Half an hour later thousands of geese came from all directions to light in the field.

They made so much noise with their wings and their squaking that most of them couldn't hear the guns go off. The men picked them off left and right. Numerous varieties were killed, the bag probably being the superior to any ever brought to Tacoma.