Ralph Smith

Address "Book" of Ralph Smith

Bales, Dave H. 905 Pacific Ave. Tacoma, WA
Bauldin, Maude Baker Apts. 845 West 10th St.
Mgr. Hotel Figueroa   Los Angeles, CA
Bosell, Beatrice 1214 Spring St. Ft. Wayne, IN
Cricklaw, Harry and Gerry  "Isis Theatre"
P.O. Box 172
Cedar Rapids, IA
Daly, J. C. Walk-Ours Shoe Store 938 Market St. San Francisco, CA
Denny, R. E. - Attorney at Law   Durham, NC OR (Greensboro, NC)
Faukner, Ray - General Sales Mgr.,  Auburn Auto Factory  Auburn, IN
Fontaine, Dolly LaLuisalurline Hill 
OR 9100 2nd NW
Tacoma, WA % Mrs. Griffin
Gilbert, George
% Keystone Shade & Limsbrau Company
212 South Central Ave.  Glendale, CA
Hamilton, Miss Gladyse 
% Roxaud Petroleum Co. At Home:
Crude & Sales Dept.
716 Daugherty St.
P.O. Box 1162
Webb City, MO
Tulsa, OK
Ichton, George (Smiley)  Holyoke Mosp [Sp.?]
57 Bridge St.
Johnson, Jean "Jimmie" 628 A Ave East Cedar Rapids, IA
Jennings, Maxine "Miss Portland" of 1926 (Hotel St. Andrews, Room 219)  
Luckett, L. % Wolf-Wilson Drug Co. 700 Washington Ave. St. Louis, MO
LaKere, Cliff Dist-Salesman  Standard Oil of IN  St. Cloud, MN
McNiven, William 429 West 40 Place Los Angeles, CA
Neilson, Gloria   Tacoma, WA 
Telephone: Madison 3058 -J
Pershing, Miss Mary & 
Mrs. W. M. Butler
1748 B. Street Linesha, NE
Rosen, Dr. N.C. Curtis Hotel Minneapolis, MN
Riddle, R. R. Mgr. "Neil House Hotel" Columbus, OH
Schomberger, Ed Mgr - Tisoli Theatre   South Omaha, NE
Smith, F. Carlisle OR % Dunders 361 West 51st St. 
255 West 51st St.
New York City, NY
Tefe, Jack M/td> Gen. Delivery Washington, DC OR (Cincinnati, OH)
Wilson, Edith 815 Grand Ave.
St. James Court, Apt. 51
Milwaukee, WI
Whitlock, W. H. Mgr - Julian Dubuque Hotel Dubuque, IA
Willis, Hazel 250 E. 9th St. Eugene, OR
Zinganell, Madeline   Memphis, TN
Zaboniskie, Cedric Motor Route A Eugene