Stephen Smith & Mary Ann "Polly" Huggins


Smith Family in Marion County, SC

The Smith family has been in Marion County, SC at least since the mid-1700's. They, like many early settlers, landed in Virginia. From there they moved to North Carolina. The Smith family finally stopped in Marion County, SC. For at least as far back as the early 1800's, the Smith's have been faithful members of the Methodist church with circuit riders and ministers in the family from that time to the present. Stephen Smith had a brother (The Rev. John L. Smith) who was a circuit rider.

Stephen Smith bought 456 acres of land north of the railroad and west of what is now Main Street in Mullins in 1853. Stephen Smith owned the first store in Mullins and was its first postmaster, probably because the store was a logical place for the delivery of mail - and, of course, he was a respected leader of the community.

Stephen Smith and Mary Ann "Polly" Huggins

Stephen Smith, the son of Samuel Elmore Smith Jr. and Kesiah (or Keziah) Lane), was born on Thursday, July 8th, 1813 in Mullins, Marion County, SC. He died on Sunday, November 25, 1888 in Mullins, SC and was buried in Millers Methodist Church Cemetery, Marion County, SC.

Mary Ann "Polly" Huggins, the daughter of John C. Huggins Sr. and Nancy Ann Campbell, was born on Thursday, March 25, 1813 at a place called Huggins Bridge in Marion County, SC. She died on Wednesday, March 9, 1881.

As a footnote - in past centuries, a common nickname for anyone named "Mary" was "Polly". In researching names of ancestors, persons who don't know about the nickname think that one of the names is wrong, and will enter their record of the person as either Mary or Polly.

Stephen Smith

According to some of his grandchildren's descriptions, [see note at bottom of this link] Stephen Smith was about 5'10" and was heavy-set. He had a short, neatly trimmed beard, and his hair was a combination of grey and darker hair. He was a good-hearted man who knew how to be firm.

According to one granddaughter (Artemisia Madge Smith, John Emory's daughter), he would stand on the top step of Miller's Church and announce, "Anybody that doesn't have a place to eat lunch, come to my place."

Mary Ann "Polly" Huggins

Polly Huggins Smith was, according to Artemisia's description, "little with pretty black eyes and naturally rosy cheeks. She knew how to cook, and make the prettiest quilts. She was a good woman, a good mother, and a good wife, with lots of friends." She usually fixed her grey hair in a ball at the back of her head.

One of her quilts has been passed down through their son Stephen Whiteford Smith to grandson Fleming Carlisle Smith's family.

The family of Stephen Smith and Mary Ann Huggins

Stephen Smith and Polly Huggins were married in approximately 1833 Mullins, Marion County, SC. They had twelve (12) children:

  1. Ebenezer Smith (1834-1864)
  2. George Washington Smith (1836-1917)
  3. Celia Smith (1838-1910)
  4. Nancy Ann Smith (1840-1915)
  5. Ann Smith (1842-1905)
  6. Mary Smith (1844- ?)
  7. Benjamin Gause Smith (1846-1913)
  8. Augustus Smith (1848-1865)
  9. Samuel Elmore Smith (1850-1922)
  10. Stephen Whiteford Smith (1852-1923)
  11. Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith (1854-1918)
  12. John Emory Smith (1856-1941)

"Descendants of Stephen Smith" Family Reunion - Friday, September 1, 1922

Clipping from the Marion newspaper reporting the reunion (included in the book of Smiths):

150 Attend Reunion
Held Last Friday
at Millers

Organization for
Purpose of Holding
Annual Reunions

"On Friday, September 1st, at Millers church was held a great reunion of the descendants of Mr. Stephen Smith.

"Stephen Smith was born July 8, 1813. Mrs. Mary Smith, nee Huggins, was born March 23, 1813.

"Those two hearts having been happily united in the holy bonds of matrimony, to them were born 12 children, seven sons and five daughters, named as follows: Ebby, George W., B. Gause, S. Elmore, S. Whiteford, J. Emory, and Augustus; Elizabeth, Annie, Nancy, Celia, and Mary.

"Mrs. Smith died in 1881; Mr. Smith survived her for about seven years, having died November 25, 1888.

"Less than two weeks preceding the reunion, the first steps toward holding it were taken. Invitations were sent to the descendants, and on Friday they gathered at Millers, approximately 150 strong, possibly more than that.

"Of the children, only two are still living - S. Whiteford, of Millers, and J. Emory of Chadbourn, N.C. But the large and joyous company was composed of grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren, and many were absent, who were too far away to come, or did not receive the invitation in time to come.

"The day was observed in such a fitting manner. About 11 o'clock all assembled in the church. Mr. Whiteford Smith presided. 'Praise God from whom all blessings flow.' was sung, after which the chairman requested their pastor, Rev. T. J. White, to lead in prayer. Interesting sketches of family history were read by two young ladies of the third generation.

"Brief talks were made at the request of the chairman, by Rev. G. P. Watson and Rev. W. A. Beckham, a former and much beloved pastor of Millers church..

"After these exercises had been completed, all were invited to the well-filled tables, which had been prepared in the church yard. That long table was simply crowded with good things for the palate of every participant. 'Fried chicken' galore, and every thing else was up to that high standard! 'They say' that fried chicken is the especial dish for preachers: but the preachers certainly had plenty of 'brothers' and 'sisters' about the table!

"After the wants of the 'inner man' had been fully supplied, there was a return to the church for the purpose of forming a regular organization of the descendants, which was accomplished as follows:
President: S. Whiteford Smith.
Vice-President: J. Emory Smith.
Secretary-Treasurer: L. Vance Martin
Executive Committee: L. E. Rogers, W. B. Smith, G. E. Smith, H. B. Smith, P. A. Harrelson.

"The day was filled with joy, yet there was an undercurrent of sadness, resulting from the consciousness that some, who would have so greatly enjoyed the day and the companionship, have so recently been called from the earthly home to the 'home on high'."

The two brothers, Ebenezer and Augustus, were killed in the War Between the States. Mary Smith's date of death is unknown at this time. Margaret Ann Smith died November 10, 1905. Celia Smith died November 5, 1910. Benjamin Gause Smith died in 1913. Nancy Ann Smith died February 13, 1915. George Washington Smith died March 21, 1917. Martha Elizabeth Smith died in 1918. Samuel Elmore Smith had died most recently on June 18th of that year (1922).

After the reunion Stephen Whiteford Smith (president of the organization started that September) died the following year (1923). John Emory Smith, the last remaining child of Stephen Whiteford and Mary Ann "Polly" Huggins Smith did not die until 1941. It was supposed to be a reunion to be held on a regular basis. After Stephen Whiteford Smith died the next year, the momentum gained from the previous year's reunion and organizational meeting was apparently lost. The various branches and families descended from Stephen Whiteford and Mary Ann "Polly" Huggins Smith have held smaller reunions.

Their Children

Ebenezer Smith

Ebenezer Smith, sometimes called Ebby, was born on Sunday, February 2, 1834 in Marion County, SC. He married Mary Edwards in about 1859, and had three (3) children. Ebenezer was killed in the War Between the States on Saturday, June 18, 1864 at the age of 30.

Mary Edwards, the daughter of The Rev. David S. Edwards and Martha Rogers, was born on Friday, April 9, 1841 and died on Sunday, April 22, 1894 in Marion County, SC. After Ebenezer died, she married George W. Lane in 1865, and they had six (6) children - listed in the 1880 census.

8. George Washington Smith

George Washington Smith was born on Monday, June 6, 1836 in Marion County, SC. He married Ann Patience "Annie" (or Patience Ann) Nance, the daughter of Wynn Nance and Abigail "Abi" Barnes. They had eleven (11) children.

Ann Patience Nance was born in 1840/1841 and died in 1913. George Washington Smith died on Wednesday, March 21, 1917. They are buried in Miller's Cemetery near Mullins, Marion County, SC.

Celia Smith

Celia Smith was born on Monday, May 7, 1838 in Marion County, SC. She married Atkinson Nance, son of Wynn Nance and Abigail "Abi" Barnes, and the brother of "Annie" Nance (mentioned in #8). They had ten (10) children. Celia and Atkinson settled in Fair Bluff, Columbus County, NC where Celia died on Saturday, November 5, 1910.

Atkinson Nance was born in 1843 (according to the 1880 U.S. census) in Fair Bluff, Columbus County, NC, and died in 1890.

Nancy Ann Smith

Nancy Ann Smith was born on Saturday, March 14, 1840 in Marion County, SC. She married George Marshall Holmes Nance (born in 1837), Annie and Atkinson Nance's brother (mentioned in # 8 & 9). Celia and Nancy Ann's children were double-cousins. Nancy Ann Smith and George Marshall Holmes Nance had three (3) children.

George Marshall Holmes Nance died on Tuesday, June 13, 1865. According to the family story he was mortally wounded in the War Between the States. While traveling through North Carolina on his way home after being wounded at the close of the war, he died en route and was buried in Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington, NC.

Nancy Ann Smith's second marriage was to John Calhoun Harrelson, the son of Lewis Harrelson and Celia Cribb. John was born in 1843, according to the 1880 U. S. census. Nancy and John had six (6) children.

John Calhoun Harrelson died on Wednesday, November 13, 1901 and Nancy Ann Smith Nance Harrelson died on Saturday, February 13, 1915. They are buried in Miller's Church Cemetery near Mullins, Marion County, SC.

Ann "Annie" Smith

Ann Smith (in one source named as Margaret Ann) was born on Tuesday, April 19, 1842 in Marion County, SC. She married George W. Rogers, possibly the son of Owen Rogers.

Owen Rogers, according to the 1880 U.S. census was born in 1821, was a widower and had one son Asbury (b. 1857) still living with him in 1880.

Ann Smith and George W. Rogers had seven (7) children, including a son born in 1879 with no first name listed in the census report. Ann Smith Rogers died on Friday, February 10, 1905, and is buried in Cedardale Cemetery in Marion County, SC.

Mary Smith

At this time, I have no information on their daughter Mary Smith other than she was born on Monday, June 17, 1844. That instance of finding her connected to this particular date as her birth date was the only record about her that didn't place her as being born "about...". A couple of records place her birth about 1843 or 1844. There was one listing which had her as Mary Amanda, which is a possibility. If any one has any information on Mary or her descendants, please send the information in an email, and I will update this section.

In using the 1880 U.S. census records, the correct surname in the year of 1880 has to be used. Women aren't listed by maiden names in that census unless they are still single - not widowed. If widowed, they still have their husband's surname.

Benjamin Gause Smith

Benjamin Gause Smith was born on Monday, September 7, 1846 in Marion County, SC. He married Catherine Ellen "Kate" Platt, daughter of the Rev. John B. Platt and Mary Catherine "Polly" Page. Benjamin and Kate had eleven (11) children.

The only dates that I have on Kate are that she was born in 1849 and died in 1923. Benjamin Gause Smith died in 1913.

Augustus Smith

Augustus Smith was born on Sunday, April 9, 1848 in Marion County, SC. He was killed sometime between 1861 and 1865 in the War Between the States - location unknown.

Samuel Elmore Smith

Samuel Elmore Smith was born on Tuesday, April 9, 1850 in Marion County, SC. He married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Montgomery (parents unknown) on Wednesday, March 6, 1872. They had eleven (11) children.

Elizabeth Montgomery was born about 1851/1852 in Williamsburg District, SC. In searching the internet, there was a Matthew Salters Montgomery born in Williamsburg District on Sunday, July 15, 1849 - possibly a brother, possibly not. No parents listed for either person on records checked so far.

Samuel Elmore Smith died of typhoid fever on Sunday morning, June 18, 1922, and Elizabeth Montgomery Smith died on Saturday, December 3, 1927 in Marion County, SC.

Stephen Whiteford Smith

Stephen Whiteford Smith was born on Thursday, March 18th, 1852 in Marion County, SC.. He married Ella Boatright (born in 1852 in Marion County), the daughter of Thomas W. Boatright and Elizabeth Anne Foxworth on Thursday, December 3, 1874. They had two (2) children.

Stephen Whiteford died on Friday, April 13, 1923, and Ella Boatright Smith died in 1938. They were buried in Millers Methodist Church Cemetery, Marion County, SC.

Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith

Margaret Elizabeth Smith was born on Saturday, March 25, 1854 in Marion County, SC. She married Mouzon Mitchell Martin Sr. (born about 1847), the son of Aaron Martin and Kada "Cady"Rogers, on Thursday, November 24, 1870. They had four (4) children.

Mouzon Mitchell Martin Sr. died on Wednesday, November 22, 1893, and Margaret Elizabeth Smith Martin died in 1918.

John Emory Smith

John Emory Smith was born on Wednesday, May 7, 1856 in Marion County, SC. He married Artemisue Urania Williamson (born 1859), the daughter of Joseph M. Williamson and Elizabeth Ann "Annie" Williamson (her maiden name also), on June 28, 1881. They had twelve (12) children.

Artemisue Urania Williamson Smith died in 1922 and John Emory Smith died in 1941.

Other Family Stories

Life in the Smith household - the extended family

According to the 1880 U.S. Census, at that time Stephen and Polly Smith's family at home included John Emory Smith, and Walker S. Smith. John Emory was 24 years old and still single. So he was helping out on the farm. Walker S. Smith was the daughter of Ebenezer and Mary Edwards Smith. She was 18 years old in 1880.

There was also a 12-year old boy named James Williams working for the Smith's. He was counted in the census as a part of the Smith household - listed as "other".

Mary Edwards Smith's two (2) daughters (Addie Elizabeth and Martha "Mattie") continued to live with her and her 2nd husband, George Lane.


NOTE: The descriptions of Stephen and Mary Ann "Polly" Smith (along with the contents of a newspaper clipping of a Smith reunion) come from a family book "So Many and Interesting Tales and History of the Smiths", published in the mid-1970's by one of their descendants by way of two of their sons, Benjamin Gause Smith and Samuel Elmore Smith. Since the author/compiler of the book is still living, her name shall remain anonymous at this time. I have tried to contact her, but have gotten no response so far from the inquiries from some of her closer relatives and the message that I left on the phone number that I was given for her - according to the message on their answering machine, calls are not accepted from unknown numbers at that residence, but I was to leave a message and they would get back with me. If you know this particular cousin, please ask her to get in touch with me. I appreciate all of the hard work that she put into compiling this immense family history, have enjoyed my father's copy of her book, and would like to pass along a little of the information and descriptions (with credit given, of course) to present and future generations of the Smith's who have no way to get a copy of her out-of-print book.